Does your bedroom feel like a smorgasbord of sorts? Do you end up digging up stuff from the artistic clutter that barely leaves you room to see the bottom of your bedroom floor? Although you might disagree with giving up some stuff because they appeal to your sentimental side, a chaotic space barely offers you relaxation every time you are in need of some serious rest.

There are numerous design ideas to choose from if you want to update your room. Remember, this is your very own private space so you need to choose a theme that reflects your whole personality. Decide on something you can still ultimately live with several years after. Look into several ideas first just to make sure you have a variety of themes to select from.

Are you a globe-trekker who loves the outdoors? Why not bring the wild into your space by introducing room accessories that remind you of a day at the beach or a mountain top view? Pick out rugged pieces of furniture like pine and other types of wood that are very “earthy”. Twigs and branches make for very interesting materials as well. Lend some tropical color to your walls too while you’re at it. This means painting with azure blue, forest green or simple white hues. Rattan is also a great option for chairs or tables, bamboo is another great option too.

Home Decor Ideas

If you are a certified beach bum, then by all means give your room some much needed vacation time too. Again, for this specific look, shades of green, white and blue reflect the ocean and the wide open sky during a clear summer day. Sandy colors or even a bit of gray won’t hurt as well. You can even utilize some sea shells you might have lying around from your last trip to the coves. Paint your existing furniture and wicker chairs in startling white to enhance that beach appeal.

Being hopelessly romantic? Then a room reminiscent of Victorian times would be just the theme for you. To create this centuries old look, paint your walls a rich dark red or a warm brown. Add some exquisite fabrics and a few wrought-iron pieces to give you that romantic air. Choose furniture that’s made of mahogany to complete the overall effect of the room. A dark wood like Cherry is a charming alternative too. If you want to suggest an Asian-inspired room, go for rattan instead of heavy wooden furnishings.

Are you a fan of the 50’s or 60’s? A vintage-themed room is also an intriguing option. Give your space the retro look by picking pieces in bright orange or dark green. Look through thrift stores for exquisite antique items as well. Old appliances may need a check-up with a reliable electrician too – just to be on the safe side. You don’t want to end up burning your newly furnished room to the ground, right?

Whatever theme you decide on, stick to it to avoid having a room that’s an undecided mixture of various influences. At the end of a tiring day, you want to have a space that’s welcoming and entirely stress-free. If it happens to be stylish and trendy, then that’s a bonus that will have you sleeping snugly each and every night – sweet dreams!

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