Sometimes when we are dreaming about the place we want to retreat to in the afternoons, that dream is a long way from where we know we are going. I think that we have all done it and that is to cut ourselves short of what we really want so our family overall can have nicer things but it does not have to be that way. Take the time to learn to do stuff yourself and stretch your dollar. Today we are going to dedicate our time to making the “Master Suite” of your dreams a reality. These are things that you can do yourself and not feel like you have robbed your own bank account. Our end result will be in installing the oh so beautiful crown molding.

Cutting crown molding angles is the hardest part but you can learn to do that too. So lets get the prep work done. When you are picking out your molding it is recommended that you pick out your crown molding first. The main reason for this is that your molding is the most impressive display and the rest of the molding should match the crown.

Home Decor Ideas

People who claim to know will usually advise you to scale you crown molding to the size of your room but I have never found exactly what that means. nothing is set in stone on the size you should use just be sure and make the rest of the casings in the room match the crown. For me I really stick my bigger is better. Molding adds warmth to a room so decide for yourself. You are free to pick out any size that pleases you because there are no standards.

1. Picking your crown molding The best way I have found to pick out the crown molding that I wanted is to just simply look at pictures of rooms with crown molding and see how they used it and look at the different styles.

2. Open houses OK. This may seem a bit flaky but it works. Being a Realtor myself I know people do it. Check your local paper for all the Realtor open houses and take Sunday afternoons to tour these houses.This does not cost you anything and you can get some really good ideas. Pick the nicest houses for the best ideas and then come up with your own. Speaking for myself my feeling were never hurt because I just wanted a good turn out of people. You never know for sure who might be your next customer.

3.Cutting crown molding..angles you should learn Assuming your have a new coat of paint on your bedroom walls it is now time to start adding the crown molding. You can ask a friend who already knows how to do this or there are books that will teach you how step by step. Either way you decide to use,just get started.

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