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Designing a new living room can be a tricky task, with so many things to consider.

For most people re-decorating the walls and the design of the new furniture are the most exciting thing. The choice of modern or traditional colours, themed with different style options can keep imaginations flowing on what the living room will look like.

The wrong accessory can ruin the whole thing so it’s important to get it all correct. Most errors occur when a “different” style is applied to the theme of the room. If you want to make a statement keep it to one wall to be safe it doesn’t go wrong. If you still want more, you can add after you have seen the affect one feature wall has on the room.

For a style that suits everyone’s tastes, plain and simple designs themed with the right furniture can give a basic design a personal, home touch instead of feeling too modern, cold and futuristic. Once you have decided between wallpapered or painted walls, timber or carpeted flooring and all those other little choices that make all the difference, its then time for the electrical accessories.

If you have a large budget for your room re-design, new technology can be incorporated into the design of your furniture.

Out of all the rooms in the house, the living room has the most prospects to display (or hide) all the technology you could possibly want and need to both entertain and relax.

Making the decisions about what to fill your living room with could put your imagination into overdrive, there are so many items that have the latest technology that could suit any household’s needs that it could end up feeling like a spaceship. Instead try and stick to the basic electrical items and move on from there.

The most restricting element to purchasing your new technology is budget, if this is endless then the products are too! For each item you think you want, you may be able to find a cheaper version so don’t be down hearted by high street technology prices at first until you have shopped about.

Home Decor Ideas

A widescreen TV is a must have in a modern living room and there are a range of models and manufacturers to choose from at a good price range with features that you wouldn’t find on a standard flat screen digital TV.

Leading the way in picture quality are LED TVs which are compatible with HD programming and films. Now most of these items come with internet capabilities too.

The backlighting for these models uses a far brighter source than an ordinary TV, which in turn creates outstanding picture quality.

If you enjoy your films, you will know that the sound system is all important too. A correctly installed, integrated surround sound speaker system will bring the films you watch to life in your own home! Be warned though, if these are installed badly then the sounds can be distracting if they are not in sync with the film.

To be sure you have got the right balance you could choose to have a free standing surround sound so you can move the speakers to the correct places in your home. These systems do not give the same affect as a hidden integrated system

Check a “lets-do-diy” site for the background on the electrical information on how to integrate before you start to re-decorate. You may not be able to install your speakers correctly if the walls surrounding them will not support the electrical cable needed to power them.

If you are integrating a TV into your living room then also look at what housing you can find for any consoles you or your family may have. The ability to sit on your sofa and have a hidden compartment in the wall behind with your gaming controller hidden away could be a nice subtle way to impress guests.

If your living room is for entertaining and is a large space then you may also want to add a cooling facility, either for drinks or snacks that need re-fridge ration. This gives a wow factor at any functions you may want to host.

Appliances like this can be integrated into storage for the entertainment systems and will add to the excitement of what else can be hidden in your living room.

For a living room with a wow factor, the right decoration, teamed with modern technology and imagination can give your home a modern, luxury feel you will not regret.

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