Interior Design — Our Top 10 Paint Colors

In the modern world that we live in where most everything is dictated by fashion trends whether in clothing, interior design, or even technology; many strive to follow and not be left behind. Colors are the most essential part of these trends that create the greatest of impacts especially in our homes. For 2009, the trends embrace earth-inspired colors that reflect the flourishing environmental awareness. Transform your New York home into the haven of utter relaxation and inspiration you long for through infusing the hues of 2009 into it. Whether you are in Long Island, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens or Staten Island; here are fabulous interior painting ideas to guide you in your journey of design exploration.

Global Fusion

This 2009 interior painting trend is inspired by individual international influences that have found unity in providing an astonishing palette of an idea so vivid. By taking on this idea, you would have to create a color combination by choosing from festive array of hues such as desert rose, blushing red, tricycle red, fire and ice, thunderbird, pacific palisades, perennial, Lucerne, orange and mango punch. From deep lime green to aqua blue and royal purple to orange and every shade in between; all works to achieve the global fusion look. To complete the scheme, these vibrant colors of 2009 are best complemented by lustrous gold, silver and deep metallics.

Neutral Medley

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Let your décor and furnishing come alive with a fresh and clean backdrop of neutral medley interior painting scheme. Yes, this 2009 neutral is in and is definitely hot. What better way to invest some money than with hues to stand the test of time. Even if you decide not to repaint after a long time, these favorites of many homeowners and realtors alike are timeless.

In the modern world where people have to face the hustle and bustle of everyday living, it pays to satisfy this earning for simplicity through implementing neutral tones to your walls. Colors are inspired by raw and natural range of elements such as the yellows and greens of leaves, tranquil waters, earth and sky, sand, and wood. Though a neutral scheme can complement almost every taste and preferences when it comes to design; it works best with a country style home, shabby chic décor, cottage style, southwestern-inspired interior, or any Retro theme.

Potpourri of Organic

This 2009 interior painting trend is hugely influenced by the call to fight pollution and global warming and reflects social sustainability in a highly urbanized environment. A peaceful ambiance can be achieved even if you are living in the midst of the bustling urban jungle through a touch of organic. This scheme can create a refreshing look to your interior with the delightful potpourri of hues found in a garden.

The palette of mid-tone colors is composed of hues where yellow, rich brown and greens are dominant. To top the look and give your interior a distinctive quality, infuse bronze and copper-precious metals that signify elements of the earth.

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