This Gorgeous Home Is A Nature Loving Bookworm’s Paradise

Whether you live in an upscale condo in Boston or a duplex in Sacramento, your home can be a lavish oasis of sweet and exotic smells and bright, delicious colors. Surrounding yourself in house plants can be as easy and fun as you wish it to be. With the ever growing selection of plants, planters, and materials the home decorating possibilities are nearly endless. No, you don’t have to fill your home to the brim with flora and fauna. A single topiary strategically placed can add warmth and sophistication to any home space.

Once you have decided to decorate your space with some plants, you will need to make some important decisions regarding the actual plants you want to use. Believe it or not, it takes a little more effort than just deciding on whether or not you want real or fake. The first thing you need to decide is how many plants you will be using. Once you have a number finalized, you will want to decide whether or not you want to deal with the occasional cleaning of silk plants or the weekly watering of real plants.

Be aware that each type has its own pros and cons. Real plants add texture, life, and fresh smells to a home that faux plants do not. Unfortunately, real plants also require care, which can make someone with a green thumb happy or it can cause problems in a household where cacti have a hard time surviving. Fake plants are easier to care for because they don’t need watering but cheap fake plants actually look fake. There is no right or wrong about real or fake plants; your choice will depend upon your lifestyle as well as the available space.

Home Decor Ideas

After you have decided on real or fake, you will want to decide on what type of plant you want. Because the earth is carpeted in such diverse plant life, your choice of plant can range from potted trees to exotic hot house flowers to creeping ivy. Ivy looks amazing when twined around curtain rods and slinking along door frames. Also, ivy makes a room look rustic when paired with earthen pots and earth toned area rugs. Don’t be fooled. Area rugs are more than just pretty mats for your pots to rest upon. Area rugs, when combined with any number of house hold plants, add a vivid glow to any room that can’t be duplicated with carpet. Flowers enhance any living space with their color and scents. Potted trees can fill those odd corners where furniture has a hard time fitting. Potted topiaries are perfect for adding intricate or bold splashes of life to your warm and inviting home.

Each plant comes in some kind of container. You can broaden your home décor creativity by choosing decorative planters, urns or baskets. Planters come in different shapes, sizes and materials. Urns are more elaborately designed. Baskets are made from bamboo or wicker and are usually lined with a waterproof material.

Decorating your home with plants can be an adventure. Your home will be an exotic oasis- a place to just get away from it all.

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